NFU Region 1 Meeting – August 11, 2015

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If you are interested in travelling from NB and would like to carpool, please contact Amanda (   Pickup points could be Fredericton, Moncton or before the bridge.  Pour voir cette invitation en français, cliquez...

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Basque Food Sovereignty Tour – Deadline extended to July 6

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Travel/educational opportunity for NFU Youth, board members and regional coordinators Please find attached a last minute opportunity for one NFU youth member to participate to a Tour organized by a member organization of LVC in the Basque Country along with Food First. The organizers cover the airfare and the IPC would cover the required 500-600 euros for on the ground cost. Any interested and available youth member should send a message by July 6th to Stephanie Wang at, responding briefly to the following questions (bullet point...

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Food and Farming – The Dennis Report

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  Ted Wiggans, NFU-NB President and owner/operator of The Shepherd’s Garden in Harvey Station, NB, and Amanda Wildeman, Executive Director of the NFU-NB discuss local food and local farming in NB with Dennis Atchison on The Dennis Report. Watch it on youtube below or catch it on Bell Fibre Op channel 58 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7:30 p.m.; Weekdays at Noon; Tuesday,Thursday at 11:30 p.m.), or Bell TV channel...

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Local Food Security Bill – Update

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After many years of calling on various governments to implement a local food policy that allows farmers access to local markets, increasing local food consumption and awareness in the province, an opportunity arose to support and implement legislation that would strengthen the agriculture industry, provide farmers access to government and institutional contracts and teach food production skills in schools. In January 2015 when members of the NFU-NB board of directors met with the new Minister of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries, Hon....

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Gérard & Clara Hall – The Farmers of the NFU-NB Series

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Gérald and Clara were first featured in the Spring 2015 Edition of the NB Family Farmer Gérard and Clara Hall are both experienced wild blueberry producers.  They each own and operate their own farm businesses in Gloucester County.  Gérard’s is called Bleuetière Nord-Est Inc., in Saint Isodore and was first incorporated in 1986.  With over 1000 acres of land in wild blueberry production, the company also offers services for establishing, irrigating and harvesting other private fields.  They are beginning to experiment with some...

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Press Release: Support needed for new young farmers

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Press Release For Immediate Release                                                                                         Wednesday, May 27, 2015 Support needed for new young farmers The average age of farmers in NB according to the 2011 Census of Agriculture is 55.5 years.  The total number of farms in NB dropped nearly 6% between 2006 and 2011.  In a province where nearly all of the food consumed in the province is imported, supporting the next...

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CBC Radio The Shift: Supporting local food by law

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Listen to the interview on CBC’s The Shift with Vanessa Vander Valk and NFU-NB Executive Director, Amanda Wildeman on why the NFU supports Bill 11, Local Food Security Act.   Click here to listen. 

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CBC: Farmers head to Fredericton to support food security bill

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Farmers head to Fredericton to support food security bill Kate Letterick, CBC, April 30, 2015 Excerpt: “Kevin Arseneau, who runs a farm in Pleasant Ridge near Rogersville and is the youth president for the National Farmers Union in New Brunswick, says there is more of a demand for local products. “It’s important for the consumers also, [who] are asking more and more, they want local produce that comes from where they can go see it, where they can even feel it, touch it, you know, like people like coming to the farm and...

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Press Release: Will the NB Government uphold campaign promise for local food strategy?

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Press Release For immediate release                                                  Monday, April 27, 2015   Will the NB Government uphold campaign promise for local food strategy? The National Farmers Union in New Brunswick is calling on the Gallant government to uphold their campaign promise for “Developing a local food and beverages strategy to assist local growers and producers in developing their products and getting them to market […]” by passing Bill 11, Local Food...

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Local Food Security Act Petition and Rally

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Rally at the Legislative Assembly 1:30 pm, Thurs, April 30, 2015 On Thursday, April 30 at 2:30 pm the Local Food Security Act will go to vote at second reading. Join us on the grounds of the NB Legislature at 1:30 for a rally expressing our support for the Local Food Security Act. Bring your ID and read this so you can enter the Legislative assembly to hear the final debate and vote at 2:30 pm. Our goal is to pack the gallery of the legislature with farmers and concerned citizens!   Let’s show the government that the local food...

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