Commentary: Support for new farmers must include access to daycare services

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November 8, 2016 Agriculture has existed for over 10,000 years, and ever since it began, women have played a vital role. Whether working in the kitchen, keeping house or educating children, the large majority of family farms wouldn’t have a shot without the work of the women.  More and more, women are not just participating in the domestic work, but are also running the farms themselves. The results of a recent survey showed that women make up the majority of new farmers in Canada.  No matter what role women are playing on farms in New...

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Commentary: Local food needs to be more than a logo for a t-shirt

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On October 19th, I rearranged my day delivering CSA boxes in order to go to Bouctouche for the Liberal government’s announcement on the Local Food and Beverages Strategy. The whole thing didn’t last more than 15 minutes, and when it was over, I asked myself if maybe the first couple minutes I had missed had been particularly revelatory since nothing of great importance was said while I was there. After asking a few other people, I finally realized that the announcement did not clarify the content of the strategy, its objectives, the...

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NFU-NB urges government to quickly adopt and implement recommendations from Select Committee on Climate Change

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Press release – Fredericton, October 31, 2016 On Monday, October 24, the Final Report of the Select Committee on Climate Change was released.  The all-party committee made strong recommendations to government including adopting the high targets suggested by the Conservation Council of NB of 40% below 1990 levels by 2030 and 80% below 2001 levels by 2050, as well as recognizing the importance of current research in all sectors, especially agriculture, so that farmers have the knowledge and funding supports to be proactively adopting more...

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Press Release: NFU-NB welcomes Local Food and Beverage Strategy

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  NFU-NB welcomes Local Food and Beverage Strategy Press Release (October 19, 2016 – Fredericton) – The National Farmers Union in NB welcomes the Local Food and Beverages Strategy announced today by Minister Rick Doucet.  The NFU-NB has been an advocate for local food policy for nearly a decade, and we are pleased that this government is recognizing the important asset NB has in our agricultural land base, our farmers and our fishers. While a strategy is not as strong as policy, this local food and beverages strategy was...

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Commentary: Getting local food into restaurants – NB farmer and restauranteur shares her insights

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Getting local food into restaurants: NB farmer and restauranteur shares her insights ***Note this commentary was first published in the Summer 2016 Edition of the NB Family Farmer as the Message from the Women’s president*** Commentary – September 29, 2016 When we started farming six years ago we had already been restauranteurs for seven years.  It all began when we thought we would find a way to feed our growing family of three boys and one girl.  We wanted to know what was in our food and what chemicals were going into our children...

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Commentary: A system that leaves producers out by design

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Commentary: A system that leaves producers out by design September 19, 2016 NB wild blueberry producers have faced one of the hardest seasons in history: strong NB yields, record low prices, closure of buying stations, a new processing plant that was not built to receive berries harvested in small boxes like most producers are currently set up to harvest in, excellent yields in Quebec and surplus from last season has worked itself into a perfect storm that has tensions running high and stress levels through the roof for many...

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Press release: NFU-NB disappointed with government inaction with regards to ongoing wild blueberry crisis

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  NFU-NB disappointed with government inaction with regards to ongoing wild blueberry crisis Press release – For Immediate Release (Tuesday, September 13, 2016) – The National Farmers Union in New Brunswick condemns the Government of New Brunswick’s lack of interest and support of wild blueberry producers in the face of this year’s low prices and market access crisis.  Many government staff, including the Assistant Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries continue to applaud the season saying that it...

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Growing Forward 2: Individual Farmer Training Program

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As mentioned in the NB Family Farmer – Summer 2016 Edition Growing Forward 2 offers Funding for Individual Farmer Training Is there a conference, workshop or training opportunity coming up that you would like to participate in? Growing Forward 2 offers funding to help farmers pay for training opportunities including agriculture related training, technical skills development, marketing, human resource management and business development.  Funding covers up to 70% of registration fees and up to 40% of other eligible costs, and more if...

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Commentary: Rehabilitation through Farming

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Rehabilitation through farming – Commentary September 7, 2016 Ted Wiggans, president, National Farmers Union in New Brunswick, has been farming for the past 30 years near Harvey Station and has 20 years’ experience working in Corrections in NB, SK, ON Prison farms, created in the 1880’s, were initiated to produce food for institutions and to make sure inmates were subject to hard labour.  Over time, prison farms evolved in to programs for training and rehabilitation.  During the late 1950’s and 60’s these operations became farm...

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Commentary: Farmers Markets without Farmers

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Farmers’ Markets Without Farmers by Katherine Aske, NFU-NB Communications and Membership Coordinator ***note: this commentary was submitted to the Telegraph Journal on August 29, 2016 and was reproduced in part or in whole in the Victoria Star and the Telegraph Journal*** NB now proudly boasts more than 40 farmers’ markets across the province.  While working to create a map of these markets, the National Farmers Union in NB has had the great pleasure of visiting over 30 of them this summer. Although some markets have been around for...

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