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Livestock rearing by small farmers as a means to attain food sovereignty

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Rogersville, June 23rd, 2019 – Response of the National Farmers Union, New Brunswick section, to the “Dairy is Scary” Campaign being promoted by the Vegan Education Group.  “A food system which oppresses and abuses farmers is, in fact, more apt to engender and multiply the abuse of livestock animals. The NFU reiterates that the images seen in the sensationalist video shared by the Vegan Education Group is but the symptom of a dysfunctional industrial food system and that these same images only represent a tiny fraction, if not practically none, of the reality of...

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Ensuring Farmers Rights: At Home and Abroad, NFU-NB 2019 AGM

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Glassville, Thursday, April 4rd, 2019 – The rights of farmers are continually threatened worldwide. In part due to the tireless work of la Via Campesina and member organizations, the United Nations has recently adopted the Declaration on the Rights of Peasants; aimed at protecting the livelihoods and small-scale methods of food production internationally. At home, Canada not only abstained from voting at the UN, our seed production is under attack as the government hands over our right to save and reuse our own seed to industry. New Brunswick farmers also struggle to survive and thrive...

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Press Release: NFU-NB dismayed at false claims made by province on behalf of ‘100%’ of NB blueberry growers

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  Fredericton, Tuesday, March 7, 2017 – In December, 2013, the Farm Products Council of Canada issued the New Brunswick Blueberry Order, a short document that gave Bleuets NB Blueberries (BNBB) the power to act as a marketing board and charge levies on all interprovincial and export sales. This Order refers to BBNB as a Commodity Board, which at the provincial level it is not and never has been.  Under the provincial Farm Products Commission it is an Agency, which limits itself to communications, liaison, research, and to develop efficient and competitive practices in the industry. ...

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Press Release: Privatization of hospital food services unlikely to help NB farmers, says NFU-NB

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Fredericton, Friday, March 3, 2017 – The National Farmers Union in NB questions how the NB provincial government’s announcement from early February to sign a ten year contract with Sodexo will support the growth of the province’s farmers and our growing local food economy. The government has been working on concrete steps to meet the goal of getting 30% NB-produced foods into schools, with incremental steps starting in fall 2017.  The promise had been to start with the school system and then expand to the hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions once the local...

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2017 – 18 Provincial Budget

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On February 7, the NFU-NB was present at the 2017-18 provincial budget lock in.  The NFU-NB had made a submission in December 2016 with our recommendations.  They included: Financial backing to bring the Local Food and Beverages Strategy to life The importance of maintaining and expanding NB rural Infrastructure Climate change adaptation research and programs for farmers A focus on new farmers Increased operational budget to increase services offered by the Department of Agriculture staff The budget does include a special allocation of $445,000 for the Local Food and Beverages Strategy,...

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