NFU Women

Who are the NFU Women?

The National Farmers Union is a progressive family farm organization concerned about all aspects of life on farms and all members of farm families.

Women are active and equal participants in the National Farmers Union, supporting each other, organizing, formulating and articulating policy, and serving as elected officers.

To ensure that the voices of farm women are clearly heard, our constitution provides for women’s positions at every level of the organization.

Women serve on National Farmers Union committees dealing with issues ranging from farm economics and safety, to rural childcare and community concerns, to national and international agriculture issues.

Women are making valuable contributions throughout the organization by participating effectively in policy decisions, education and organizing.


Regional Meeting

Barb Somerville & Edith Ling

In New Brunswick

In New Brunswick, the NFUNB has a Women’s Director who brings awareness to farm issues that particularly affect women farmers and women in farm families.

In 2014, two of the NFUNB’s female board members, Emily Shapiro, Women’s Director, and Rébeka Fraser-Chiasson were named Young Leaders by 21inc.

Read the full press release here.

At the 2014 National NFU Convention, long time Board member, farmer, and women’s activist, Betty Brown, was recognized for her hard work and dedication by receiving the 2014 Grassroots Award for Region 1.

Read the full press release here.


The NFU in Canada

In the proud tradition of progressive farm women before them, NFU women are working to better the lives of farm women and their families in Canada. Among our accomplishments are:

  • Cultivating Our Rural Communities — an easy-to-use workshop kit focusing discussion on the work of farm women and rebuilding farm communities.
  • Weaving New Ways: Farm Women Organizing — a practical, lively handbook of information on, and encouragement for, farm women.
  • Employment Practices of Farm Women — the results of the ground-breaking national survey of the contribution farm women make to the family farm.
  • Nature Feeds Us — a description of the food system from field to table.
  • Shack Attack — a report on rural housing conditions.
  • Farm Women’s Role in Our Society — a description of the role of farm women.
  • NFU-UNAG Linkage Project brings NFU women and the Nicaraguan farmers union together to work in solidarity.
  • Farm womens radio broadcasts on Canadian and international agriculture issues.
  • Participation in national and international organizations including ACWW, conferences on development, health, environment and women’s issues.


Join the NFU to become involved with the Women’s Committee or to be more involved in supporting the role of women in farming.


International Activist Dr. Vandana Shiva sums up the vital importance of women in agriculture.

“All archeological records show that women were the first domesticators of crops.  And they carry this 10,000 year knowledge and skill of seed.  They carry the knowledge and skill of nutrition.  They carry with them the knowledge and skill of how, in the worst of social circumstances, to be resilient: to make your ecosystems resilient, your own lives resilient and your communities resilient.”  

– Dr. Vandana Shiva