• The expiry date of the RPAP registration will be changed from October 31 to January 31. If you are a current RPAP holder, your RPAP will be AUTOMATICALLY EXTENDED until January 31, 2018.
  • Due to the expiry date change to the RPAP, the expiry date for the Farmer Purchaser’s Permit will also change from October 31 to January 31. This means that if you currently hold a Farmer Purchaser’s Permit it will automatically be extended until January 31, 2018.
  • Your NFU-NB membership will automatically be extended until January 31, 2018.

Read the full changes here. 

Read how and why the NFU-NB supported these changes here. 


Media Release: Farmers Market Calendar Campaign

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Looking for a unique gift for a friend or family member? Choose the colourful new bilingual Farmers’ Markets calendar, available soon at farmers’ markets and other locations throughout New Brunswick. And don’t forget to pick one up for yourself as well! Find all the details of how you can keep everything on track AND support our NB farmers with our snazzy calendars...

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A Spotlight on Women in Agriculture

Posted by on Jun 20, 2017 in News | 0 comments

More than 75% of new farmers are women, who settle on small areas, often less than one hectare in cultivation. In a fair world, all farmers would be given a voice when it comes to succession. Unfortunately, the fact is that husbands or male peers are very often invited to speak in the media on the issue of succession or new agriculture. Read the full article by Jean-Eudes Chiasson in French...

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NB Highlights from the 2016 Census of Agriculture

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Further to the Census of Agriculture released by the Government of Canada on May 10, 2017, we have lots of empirical data to help us assess the current face of farming in New Brunswick. It paints a picture with a brush of familiarity, showing the declining number of farms and farmers (“farm operators”), the increasing (though only slightly) average age of farmers, and the shrinking livestock numbers and area in production. Many of the statistics reported reconfirm our need to foster the new generation of agrarians with education and...

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Submission – Proposed Changes to the Livestock Operations Act

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The National Farmers Union in New Brunswick (NFU-NB) welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed changes to the Livestock Operations Act.  We would like to begin by saying that the National Farmers Union in New Brunswick generally welcomes changes to the current Livestock Operations Act (LOA), and that we generally agree with the proposed changes and the approach the Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries has taken so far in seeking consultation and promoting awareness of the proposed changes. The NFU-NB has...

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Co-operation Agri-Food New Brunswick

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The province’s Department of Agriculture Aquaculture and Fisheries has funded $273,000 to the Cooperation Agri-food New-Brunswick initiative, announced on April 6, 2017.  The Co-op’s goal is to be operational by September of this year – that means working through the summer to purchase, process and store NB-grown food and move it into NB schools to feed NB students when classes begin again in the fall. The initiative is encouraging, but some NFU-NB members have voiced concern about the potential for produce price being...

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Summer Student Opportunity

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The NFU-NB is actively seeking a Francophone Outreach Coordinator for an 8-week summer student position. To get involved in this general farm organization working in support of the family farm, find the job description here, and apply by Tuesday, May 16. Bonne chance!

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URGENT ACTION! – Have your say by tomorrow, April 21 on the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations

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URGENT ACTION! The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is developing Regulations under the Safe Food for Canadians Act that was passed in 2012. These regulations affect the handling, shipping, and reporting procedures of primary producers, and may have an impact on you; as a farmer, and as an eater. The proposed regulations appear to be particularly prohibitive to the any farm grossing over $30,000 selling across a provincial border, direct-marketers, and the organic sector. The NFU-NB made a submission recommending ways to ensure that...

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Press Release: NFU-NB dismayed at false claims made by province on behalf of ‘100%’ of NB blueberry growers

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  Fredericton, Tuesday, March 7, 2017 – In December, 2013, the Farm Products Council of Canada issued the New Brunswick Blueberry Order, a short document that gave Bleuets NB Blueberries (BNBB) the power to act as a marketing board and charge levies on all interprovincial and export sales. This Order refers to BBNB as a Commodity Board, which at the provincial level it is not and never has been.  Under the provincial Farm Products Commission it is an Agency, which limits itself to communications, liaison, research, and to develop...

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Press Release: Privatization of hospital food services unlikely to help NB farmers, says NFU-NB

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Fredericton, Friday, March 3, 2017 – The National Farmers Union in NB questions how the NB provincial government’s announcement from early February to sign a ten year contract with Sodexo will support the growth of the province’s farmers and our growing local food economy. The government has been working on concrete steps to meet the goal of getting 30% NB-produced foods into schools, with incremental steps starting in fall 2017.  The promise had been to start with the school system and then expand to the hospitals, nursing...

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2017 – 18 Provincial Budget

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On February 7, the NFU-NB was present at the 2017-18 provincial budget lock in.  The NFU-NB had made a submission in December 2016 with our recommendations.  They included: Financial backing to bring the Local Food and Beverages Strategy to life The importance of maintaining and expanding NB rural Infrastructure Climate change adaptation research and programs for farmers A focus on new farmers Increased operational budget to increase services offered by the Department of Agriculture staff The budget does include a special allocation of...

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