New Entrants

Farm succession is a major challenge these days. Policy recommendations, new farmer networking events, Messages from the Youth President and more focus on this important topic.


Read the Message from the Youth President in the following editions of the NB Family Farmer Quarterly Newsletter:

Winter 2018

Spring 2017


Below is a compilation of our policy submissions, presentations and events that have focused in whole or in part on new farmers: 

Meet Riley

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Hi, I’m Riley.  My wife Chantal and I are new entrants.  We started with a small flock of sheep in 2010 just outside of Fredericton and quickly outgrew our space.  In 2015 we moved to Summerfield to expand our operations.  Currently we raise sheep and supply a loyal following of customers with fresh eggs.  In 2016 we added a small herd of cows to diversify our farm and utilize available farm ground and feed. Only seven years in, we are all too familiar with the challenges to getting started in agriculture.  Financing and revenue both...

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2021 Census of Agriculture Consultation Submission

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As the Government of Canada reviews their census for 2021, the NFU-NB has made an impassioned plea to maintain the questions regarding ‘secondary data’ that have historically been collected. This information helps assess existing, and develop new, programs and policy, and is very important to critiquing and improving the agriculture industry at home and across the country.  Topics included in the submission Separation of high-bush and low-bush blueberry production statistics Maintaining question(s) about land use and inputs (herbicides,...

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Farm Succession Planning – A meeting place for new and experienced farmers

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With only 7% of NB farms having a succession plan in place, this is an area that stands out as something that maturing farmers have the power to change on an individual basis, perhaps with more ease than some other areas of struggle. With a growing number of young (or simply new) farmers, there is a contingent of growers who struggle to access land, capital, and assets. Generally speaking, these new farmers are keen and willing to work hard and make connections with those who are experienced and successful in the farming community. Though...

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New Farmers of the Maritimes

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Following a wonderful and engaging youth seminar in PEI over the weekend, here is a helpful article by NFU’s Region 1 Youth President, Philippe Gervais. The group welcomed Ayla Fenton, National Youth President, as well as representatives from La Via Cialis Italy, FAWN, and l’Union Paysanne. Organized farm educational and social events like this happen on a regular basis, so keep your eyes open for them. If your interest lies in farming, but you don’t know where to begin, read Phil’s article for some...

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2017 – 18 Provincial Budget

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On February 7, the NFU-NB was present at the 2017-18 provincial budget lock in.  The NFU-NB had made a submission in December 2016 with our recommendations.  They included: Financial backing to bring the Local Food and Beverages Strategy to life The importance of maintaining and expanding NB rural Infrastructure Climate change adaptation research and programs for farmers A focus on new farmers Increased operational budget to increase services offered by the Department of Agriculture staff The budget does include a special allocation of...

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Building a thriving farm business takes time – and daycare support!

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  The NFU-NB has been working on getting farm families access to the Daycare Assistance Program since 2012 when it was first brought up by our membership. After numerous meetings and media interviews, the program is finally under official review.  On February 2, 2017, the NFU-NB met with government representatives to discuss the unique needs of farm families.  Read our full submission at This commentary is by Eva Rehak, former NFU-NB Women’s president and co-owner of Ferme Alva Farm.  She and her partner Alain farm...

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Farm Financing Options Presented at New Farmer Event

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  On January 29th, 2017, the NFU-NB and the NFU Youth from Region 1 held an event called New Farmers of the Maritimes: Financing through your community. They had several different speakers address different options for farm financing. To make the information from the day accessible to those who were unable to attend, we put short summaries of each presentation into a table, which includes links and contacts to reach out to to learn more! Click here to view the table of financing...

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New Farmers of the Maritimes: Financing through your Community – A Report on the Day!

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Hosted by the NFU-NB and the NFU Youth of Region 1 Written by Katherine Aske To see more photos from the day, click here. On Sunday, January 29th, at the Penobsquis Community Hall, over 40 new, experienced, and aspiring farmers came together to share ideas, inspiration, and food, and learn about innovative forms of farm financing. Let us first say how grateful we are to all who made the effort to come – thank you for helping to expand this network of like-minded family farmers! We were lucky to have clear roads and sunny skies, as farmers...

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New Farmers of the Maritimes: Financing through your Community

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Last year’s event “Fermenting the New Farm Culture” was such a success that we’ve decided we need to get together more often! We welcome all new and aspiring Maritime farmers to a day of learning, discussing, socializing, potlucking, and forest-walking! Let’s stay inspired through these winter months, and energize ourselves with new friendships and ideas for the work to come. This event is FREE, bilingual (simultaneous translation provided), and brought to you by the youth of the National Farmers Union in New Brunswick. Everyone is...

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Putting the Local Food and Beverages Strategy to Good Use

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October 26th, 2016 Background The National Farmers Union in NB has been advocating the benefits of local food for nearly a decade.  Countless meetings fell on deaf ears, when a response was repeatedly given that with a population as small as NB, we had to export. Today only 8% of our vegetables grown in the province, and we are only self-sufficient in our supply managed commodities (dairy, chicken, eggs, and turkey).  Potatoes, wild blueberries, maple syrup and seafood are all produced in abundance but some of these NB produced foods can be...

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