Board Of Directors and Staff

NFU-NB Board of Directors

NFU-NB Board members were elected March 19, 2017 at the AGM, all positions are for a one-year term.


President – Ted Wiggans

Ted close upTed and his wife, Louise, have operated a farm near Harvey Station, NB, since 1987.  Sheep have always been a major part of the operation, along with a few cattle and for 23 years a certified organic market garden.  Ted has been active in the organic community since 1992 and participated in the founding of 2 non-profit certifying bodies.  Although Ted belonged to another general farm organization for a number of years ,he joined the NFU because it more closely reflected his values and advocated policies that addressed issues faced by small farmers.

Shepherd’s Garden, Harvey Station, York County, NB (506) 366-3410

Women’s President – Barb Somerville


Barb Somerville grew up in Saint John and attended university in Fredericton. She served for several years as NFU NB secretary and, more recently, as a director. Barb works with her husband Victor and youngest son, John Eric, on their small dairy farm near Juniper in western NB.

Juniper, Carleton County, NB (506) 246-5583

Youth President – Philippe Gervais

Philippe is a young enthusiastic farmer who seeks to mobilize not only youth but all farmers of Region 1. He is particularly interested in rural community development and the interactions of rural areas with urban centres. When he is not working on farm he allocates his time to strengthening the ties between food producers and their consumers. He is highly passionate about whole healthy food systems and the strong community they foster.

Treasurer – Nicole Edwards

My husband, Chef Carson, and I own and operate the Dune View Inn & Restaurant in Bouctouche NB. Simultaneously, we IMG_20160313_185054 (2)have 5 acres that we farm that offers a mixed variety of vegetables and leafy greens which we use in our restaurant and sell, as well, at local farmer’s markets. Onsite there is also a farm market that offers our veggies as well as other things.  We’ve been here since 2003 when we only had one child – now there are 4 – James, Winston, Elizabeth, and Murray.

Dune View Inn & Restaurant, Bouctouche, Kent County, NB (506) 743-9893

Secretary – Rébeka Frazer-Chiasson

IMG_20160313_185234 (2)Farmer at La Terre Partagée in Rogersville.  Feminist, environmentalist and concerned about food sovereignty. Graduate of St. Thomas University.

La Ferme Terre Partagée, Rogersville, Northumberland County, NB (506) 626-0057



Emily ShapiroIMG_0030_crop

Bio coming soon

Becaguimec Farm, Cloverdale, Carleton County, NB


Barb Amos

IMG_20160313_185218 (2)Bio coming soon

Sainte Marie de Kent, Kent County, NB

(506) 955-9300



Riley Demerchant

Riley operates a small farm with his wife, Chantal, in Summerfield New Brunswick, just outside Florenceville.  They started with a small flock of sheep in 2010 and for 5 years lived in Keswick Ridge outside of Fredericton. In 2015 they moved to Summerfield and have expanded the operation since. Currently they raise sheep and supply a loyal following of customers with fresh eggs. In 2016 a small herd of cows were added to help utilize the available farm ground. Riley and Chantal both have diploma’s in Forest Technology from the Maritime College of Forest Technology and have off-farm jobs in the forest sector. Riley believes in the importance of organizations to represent the interests of producers of all sizes and to ensure healthy and sustainable rural communities.

Summerfield, Carleton County, NB (506) 471-5342

Nora Fullerton

I grew up on a grass-fed beef farm in Long Reach, New Brunswick, where at a very young age I developed a passion about farming. This thirst for knowledge, led me to attending Dalhousie Agriculture College, where I earned a diploma in the agriculture business program. While in college, I expanded my ag experience working on dairy/poultry operations, in NB and NS. Since then I have aided my parents in further developing our beef operation, with plans of providing our local community with fresh Belted Galloway beef, and vegetables, via farmers’ markets. I have also planted wine grapes, and purchased a small flock of Suffolk sheep. Currently, I am working at a local vineyard/winery, as well as relief milking.

I feel fortunate to be accepted as a member as the National Farmers Union in NB and feel it will be beneficial to my future.

Long Reach, Kings County, NB (506) 721-1134


NB Representation at the national level

(NB – Region 1, District 2)

National Director

Ted Wiggans

  • Shepherd’s Garden, Harvey Station, York County, NB
  • (506) 366-3410

International Programs Committee

Jean-Eudes Chiasson

  • La ferme terre partagée, Rogersville, Northumberland County
  • (506) 506-775-6033


Executive Director

Amanda Wildeman (506) 260-0087


Communications Coordinator

Claire May –

Having grown up in Fredericton, Claire has a long-standing love for the city and a deep commitment to New Brunswick’s prosperity and future. Claire was an integral part of the Real Food Connections team between 2012 and 2016. She was committed to connecting food producers and consumers, as well as creating a viable and sustainable food network in our province.  A 2-month apprenticeship at farms in Vermont opened up a new sense of possibility in agriculture and community, which she brought home to Fredericton, and is applying to the implementation of the Urban Teaching Farm project as well as to her work with the NFU in NB. Claire loves to grow, make, and share food, and has a growing interest in permaculture and bee-keeping.