La ferme familiale : le lien oublié entre la vraie sécurité alimentaire et la prosperité rurale avec Ted Wiggans

Publié : 2015-09-23

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Information partagée du site web de l’Université de St. Thomas (événement en anglais seulement)

Immediately following our Thanksgiving feasts, the Department of Economics, New Brunswick economy class and the Rural Social Justice Centre for Research are sponsoring a public talk and discussion on the future of family farming in Atlantic Canada.

The talk will be held on Tuesday, October 13th, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. in James Dunn G2. Ted Wiggans, President of the New Brunswick National Farmers Union, will speak about the opportunities and challenges farmers in Atlantic Canada are facing. His argument is that family farms have and continue to play a critical role in achieving food security for the region.

In simple terms, without them, we would be entirely dependent on food imports. Not only does locally grown food nourish our bodies, it also builds communities, sustains ecosystems and provides valuable jobs as our economy shifts under the weight of global processes. To meet their full potential, family farms need regional governments to develop policies that reinvest in agricultural infrastructure, processing facilities, and market developments that support the growth and distribution of local food.

Ted brings three decades of experience to this topic. After a twenty-year career in the Canadian prison system, in which, during the last seven years he was the Superintendent of the NB Training School, Ted and his family turned to full-time farming. Since 1987, Ted and his wife, Louise, have been farming near Harvey Station, NB. Sheep have always been a major part of the farm operation, along with a few cattle and for 23 years they have supported a certified organic farm market. Ted has been active in the organic farm community since 1992 and participated in the founding of two non-profit certifying bodies.

In recent years he joined the National Farmers Union (NFU) because it closely reflects his values and advocates for policies that address issues facing small farmers. In addition to being the President of the New Brunswick National Farmers Union, Ted sits on the national board of the NFU as the representative for NB-Region 1, District 2.

Everyone is welcome. Admission is free. Coffee and tea will be served immediately following the discussion.