Livestock Legislation Updates

Posted: Jul 5, 2017

The New Brunswick Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries (DAAF) has undertaken a review of legislation around the licensing of new or expanding livestock operations. The legislation which at one time may have been adequate, has come under increasing scrutiny in recent years, especially as many young farmers attempt to enter the industry. The DAAF started a consultation process in late winter 2016 with farmers and industry organizations. The NFU-NB made a submission to the DAAF on the proposed changes in the hopes of ensuring more equitable legislation for existing and new farmers if any changes are made. The NFU-NB looks to also ensure the public and the industry itself are still protected under any changes. In June, the DAAF selected a joint committee of DAAF staff and livestock industry representatives. The industry representatives are composed of most (all were invited) of the livestock associations or your-asthma-info com groups, the Agriculture Alliance and the NFU-NB. This committee met once in late June and is scheduled to meet again in early September.

The New Brunswick Farm Products Commission (FPC) and DAAF staff held a series of consultation meetings with cattle producers in New Brunswick this spring after some beef producers started to raise concerns that industry support is not being focused on the aspects of the industry that require investment, especially with young farmers attempting to enter the industry either alone or through succession. In April, prior to the consultation meetings with the FPC and DAAF, a large group of producers met outside the provincial legislature to express their concerns. The Government was quick to react with an initial meeting with the Minister of Agriculture that day in Fredericton and subsequently the consultation meetings were held with producers and FPC and DAAF staff. The NFU-NB has provided some support to these producers and continues to follow events as they take place.