2021 Census of Agriculture Consultation Submission

Posted: Oct 27, 2017

As the Government of Canada reviews their census for 2021, the NFU-NB has made an impassioned plea to maintain the questions regarding ‘secondary data’ that have historically been collected. This information helps assess existing, and develop new, programs and policy, and is very important to critiquing and improving the agriculture industry at home and across the country.  Topics included in the submission

  • Separation of high-bush and low-bush blueberry production statistics
  • Maintaining question(s) about land use and inputs (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides,
    commercial fertilizer, lime, trace minerals, nutrients, and manure)
  • Maintaining question(s) about farm employment
  • Maintaining question(s) about direct marketing/sales
  • Maintaining question(s) about farm succession planning
  • Maintaining question(s) about use of on-farm renewable energies
  • Ease of access of paper census forms and phone questionnaire (in addition to online

The information in this document was submitted to the Government of Canada on October 13, 2017.