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Letter to Premier Higgs from NFU President, Katie Ward

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Joint statement from the NFU-NB, AANB and Really Local Harvest in regards to TFW restriction

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The families of Odulio (in white) and Manuel (in blue). These men are temporary foreign workers from Cordoba, Mexico, who have worked at Strawberry Hill Farm for several years. (Photo: Tim Livingstone) The National Farmers Union in New Brunswick, Agricultural Alliance of New Brunswick and Really Local Harvest strongly disagree with the decision to restrict incoming temporary foreign workers (TFW’s) into the province.  TFW’s are an integral part of food production in New Brunswick. “This is cutting the means by which we have to produce. They want us to increase vegetable...

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NFU-NB to host La Via Campesina Youth Conference

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Rogersville, Thursday, November 7, 2019 – The National Farmers Union in New Brunswick (NFU-NB) in coordination with NFU Youth members, La Via Campesina (LVC) North America and La Ferme Terre Partagée are hosting approximately 30 La Via Campesina youth delegates from across North America in November. This dynamic, politically oriented gathering is co-financed by the European Union and La Via Campesina international. Delegates will gather for a week of sessions that will include topics such as, climate justice, popular peasant feminism and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights...

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Chickens at Legislative Assembly

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Fredericton, November 18, 2019 – The National Farmers Union of New Brunswick (NFU-NB) will mark the opening of the NB’s Legislative Session by protesting with avian allies For more than ten years, NFU-NB has been campaigning for family farms and for recognition of agriculture as a driver of community economic development with adequate financial support. In these ten years, local food and local agriculture have become increasingly important in popular consciousness, and the enthusiasm for local food can be felt almost everywhere in the province. However, many of NFU-NB’s...

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Livestock rearing by small farmers as a means to attain food sovereignty

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Rogersville, June 23rd, 2019 – Response of the National Farmers Union, New Brunswick section, to the “Dairy is Scary” Campaign being promoted by the Vegan Education Group.  “A food system which oppresses and abuses farmers is, in fact, more apt to engender and multiply the abuse of livestock animals. The NFU reiterates that the images seen in the sensationalist video shared by the Vegan Education Group is but the symptom of a dysfunctional industrial food system and that these same images only represent a tiny fraction, if not practically none, of the reality of...

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Canadians have the right to know what they are eating, says National Farmers Union-NB (NFU-NB) about unlabelled GM salmon

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(Rogersville, Monday April 8, 2019) – The Minister of Environment and Climate Change has recently approved the production of genetically modified (GM) Atlantic salmon. AquaBounty, based in Prince Edward Island, would become the first factory in Canada to produce GM salmon, the first GM food animal in the world. The Canadian government has invested in the research and development of GM products, including salmon, through agreements, public grants and loans. While GM salmon is already sold in Canada, produced at Aquabounty’s plant in Panama, there is no mandatory labelling of GM foods....

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