Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member of the National Farmers Union in NB?


You can join the NFU-NB by completing the Province of New Brunswick’s voluntary Farm Business Registry application form and submitting your fee. Once registered, you automatically have access to government programs such as fuel tax exemption (Purchaser’s Permit), farm truck plates, access to funding programs and more.

You also have the option of joining directly with the National Farmers Union.  For more information, click here!

Registration fees help support the work of the NFU-NB and its advocacy efforts on your behalf.  Farmers are welcome to contact us at (506) 260-0087 with questions or for assistance in joining.


How much does it cost?


When completing the Farm Business Registry, membership fees vary from $150-500 per year, synthroidnews net gross farm income.

If you register directly with the NFU, the cost is set at $195.


I already belong to a commodity board. Why should I join the National Farmers Union?


Commodity boards govern issues relating to specific commodities in the province, what the National Farmers Union does is advocate on the farmers behalf at all levels of government on ALL common farming issues. We voice your concerns to government decision-makers; advocating on your behalf and working proactively to improve programs and policies at the provincial and federal level.


How do I get my voice heard on an issue?


The National Farmers Union is a grass-roots organization, and our policies reflect the concerns our members bring to the table.  Farmers who join the NFU-NB can attend any of the regular regional meetings to raise issues of concern.

Once a year, generally in the winter, we have our Annual General Meeting, where we pass resolutions that set our policy concerns for the year. You can also contact any of the members of our board of directors. Or you can be in touch with the NFU-NB office directly, at any time, with questions or concerns.


How do I become more actively involved in the NFU-NB?


We are always looking for new, interested farmers to become members on the board of directors or to work on various campaigns.  Give us a call, drop us a line at the office, or contact any of our current board members.  For a list of our current board members, click here.


How do I find out more about the health benefits available to members?

NFU members across Canada have access to a group health plan, which provides competitive rates for you and your family. Click here to download the plan details.  Or call Nicole DeCorby with Regency Advisors at 1-877-837-3377 for more information.



What other services are available to me as an NFU-NB member?

Farm tax preparation

Among other things, the National Farmers Union is pleased to offer its members access to an accountant to help with any of your accounting needs. Our accountant offers service to NFU-NB members at a nominal fee, and can help you set-up an accounting system that will work for you and your farm business.

For more information call NFU-NB Farm Tax Service:

Judy Barr



What do I need my RPAP number for?

Your Registered Professional Agricultural Producer number is what you need to access the Tax-free fuel for farms, Farm License Plates.  Starting in 2016 you will no longer receive a green card, you will receive a letter with your number instead.  You will now simply need to provide the number to your fuel provider, they will check that it is accurate on a live website created by SNB.


I had to buy fuel without my purchaser’s permit.  How do I get my money back?

Download and complete the Farmer Gasoline and Motive Fuel Refund Application here.  It must be submitted within three years of the date of purchase.


How do I renew my farm license plates (F-Plates?)

You can renew your farm license plates (F-Plates) online, through SNB Teleservices or in-person at Service New Brunswick.  Currently, all F-Plates expire on March 31.  Make sure you have your current RPAP number on hand to make sure there are no delays.